The Sapphire Mask, Part Two: Virtue

by William Ascenzo



The "soundtrack" for a story inspired by mecha anime (such as Mobile Suit Gundam) and space operas: A story of revenge, royalty, and robots large and small, set against a backdrop of interstellar conflict and colonialism.

The faraway gaseous planet of Ananaki is orbited by two moons: The Ananakian Kingdom on one, the ruins of an ancient civilization on the other, and between them, artificial Earth Federation colony satellites. Although both sides had been stalemated, the activation of the Nisroch NX-2 has tipped the scales against the Colonial Militia. Now, with the Ananakian Kingdom and the Earth Federation on the brink of war, only the Sapphire Mask and the power of the Asakku NX-1 stand between war and peace, life and death, virtue and vengeance...


released August 2, 2013

Music and story by William Ascenzo
Mecha and character designs by
Bonus track "Space Deadbeef" by Maskless and William Ascenzo



all rights reserved


William Ascenzo Madison, Wisconsin

I am a technical writer during the day, but on the night of a full moon I undergo a horrifying transformation into a digital composer.

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Track Name: Maskless - Space Deadbeef (album version)
in times like these we aint afraid to fight
in this core of darkness we are the light
cant escape the sight despite this daze
ill meet your might with endless flames
best heed these words im speaking, and
best fear this heated beating
cause those trained with such high skill
were also raised on glass and steel

its rap attack, its hacking tacts
its flak avoidance, its striking back
your mask is wack
and you have our stratagies memorized?
we've planned for that
this rhyming mode is too the max
and your ratio is falling fast
this cybortronic tragic act
is calculating how youll last, you wont
this battles ours... this broken pact
is good as gone
And if dust to dust is ash to ash
Then your strengths as good as ours
Cause its times of world on war that
Has spawned this brand new song
then Man v mask, and world v heathens
Dealings dealt and contracts reeling
It's gas and soil, its blood and oil
The people toil, While the province boils
Whose fault is that, the juggernaut?
Hell no, we all blame the mask
Who is tasked to blast with weapons past
You know the rules, you chose to flask em
You're just a fool, what more would we ask for
not much

I'm from a land of gas and slaughter
I'm from the deepest depths of water
Is destiny so goddamned mean
Your souls in jar, mines in machine
And what darkend tendrils grip around us
These broken hearts and tattered fountains
These crying minds, and tearing folds
You'll shatter what you cant control

This hopelessness our final chance
I will not ask the Gods to match
us to dust to rust, we're ash to clash
the crystal dreams, they break at last
I'm lost in dark, I dare not start
to walk the deepest depths of heart
These metal parts, make up no art
My skin is cold, void is colder (so i ask)
Why so paranoid
when you act like you can't see me
Hand shakes from either or
But lesser is how they treat me
I'm breaking out, exploding
I'm crushing bones, imploding
Spit strictless heat thats so divine
So hot so quick, its overtime
Overkill just for a doper rhyme
My guns are loaded, cocked and primed
Rewind, hit play, and walk me through this
Refill the source, instead divergence
This fruitless land, birthed me last
my fate is clear, must stay on task
this cold consumes us
at last